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Custom Framing Process

Framing that celebrates art

We base our custom framing on each client’s taste and budget and choose materials to suit each individual piece being framed. When a client brings artwork to our studio or sends us a piece to frame, we begin by listening to his or her needs. We want to know what the piece means to a client, and we also envision the space where the art will be displayed.

For clients who are seeking large-scale photographs, or artists who wish to produce high-quality, limited edition prints of their work, we offer giclée (zhee klay) printing. We also have access to over 140,000 published images that range from posters and open editions to limited edition prints and original art.

Custom Framing Process Demo

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  Once we have created a giclée print or received artwork, we base our recommendations on a client’s design preferences. Our framers use their experience and expertise to determine what styles, colors, and textures will enhance the photograph, drawing, painting, or other piece of art. We offer several suggestions, whether we meet you in person or work via the Internet.

When a client chooses a frame, mats, and style, we utilize our attention to detail and skill to create the finished product. Using top-of-the-line materials, we frame in a manner that promotes conservation, so the artwork will be protected for generations. We’re also happy to share display tips with our clients, so they can best present the finished piece in their home, office or gallery.

Every environment can be made more pleasing

Custom Design Workshop welcomes the opportunity to participate in the bidding process for projects that require framed wall art, sculpture, 3-dimentional wall art, or kinetic sculptures.

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