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The proper care and handling of any item of personal and/or monetary value is the only way to ensure its longevity. Proper handling and preserving can also keep you from losing a family heirloom, a cherished keepsake, an historical document or a valuable art piece.

The custom framing and display industry is constantly monitoring the methods and technology being applied by museums and preservationists. The design team at CDW is committed to continuing education and to researching new products to make your treasured items stand the test of time.

Keep your treasures at a constant, moderate temperature with relative humidity. Do not store your treasures in a basement or an attic.

Store treasures away from light. Treasures are best viewed or displayed with UV (ultraviolet) filtered light.

Use acid-free products, such as papers, tissues, boxes, and envelopes when storing.

When preserving highly acidic documents consider one or more of the following procedures:
  • Copy the document onto acid free paper and store these copies separately.
  • Have a professional treat the document to neutralize the acidity.
  • Encapsulate the document, but do not laminate.
When viewing any item, make sure that it is properly supported to prevent unwanted tears and creases from developing. It is also best when handling artwork to wear clean, soft cotton gloves.

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The very nature of decorative display may shorten the lifespan of an item. Collectable items may be displayed in the open for viewing, bowls and vases may be filled, books and photographs exhibited.

CDW recognizes that not every item you own will need to be displayed for a lifetime. In these instances, CDW’s designers recommend using a basic level of framing materials that are not completely acid or lignin-free for the purpose of a professional looking decorative display.

Items most commonly considered for the decorative method of display include:
  • General presentation items
  • Open-end reproductions
  • Posters
  • Decorative art
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Conservation methods and techniques in custom framing and display act to prevent injury, decay, waste, or loss of an item. Displaying a collectable using this method also requires the need for viewing the piece without handling and the use of UV (ultraviolet) filtering products.

CDW’s professionals are knowledgeable about conservation framing methods and the materials that are used to preserve a piece, including backing boards, mounting supplies, matting products, moulding, UV (ultraviolet) filtering glazing options of glass or acrylic. Materials that are either free of acids or lignins or have been chemically buffered to neutralize acids and lignins are also necessary for preservation.

Items most commonly considered for the conservation method of display include:
  • Limited editions
  • Fine art prints
  • Valuable documents and photography
  • Needle art
  • Collectables and memorabilia
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Museum methods and techniques offer the highest level of protection required for artwork display and preservation. The materials used are more selective than conservation methods and should include mat boards made from cotton and mounting methods that are reversible.

CDW offers museum quality preservation and materials for those pieces of significant value.

Items most commonly considered for the museum method of display include:
  • Valuable works of original art
  • Rare and antique documents
  • Items of historical importance
  • Fine art prints
  • Limited editions
  • Valuable documents and photographs
  • Heirloom needle art
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The style of your decor should always be a consideration in your display decisions. The choice of an easel, a pedestal, or a frame moulding should compliment the decor that surrounds it.

CDW’s design team enjoys the challenge of selecting, displaying and installing each art piece as a means to showcase the art and compliment its environment.

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