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Original artwork speaks for itself

Custom Design Workshop principals Elli and Tom Wollangk showcase their own artwork along with the creations of other local and national artists in our Oshkosh, Wisconsin, gallery. We choose artwork based on uniqueness and beauty, offering a wide range of styles and mediums. In addition to showcasing and selling the work of our featured artists, we also serve as a resource for interior designers, builders, architects, and other individuals seeking artwork for home or office spaces.

Using our extensive connections with local and national artists, art publishers and industry associations, we are certain that we can find the precise piece of art – photography, sculpture, painting, or other medium – to enhance your space. Or should you prefer to commission work, we can connect you with an artist suited for your particular needs and style preference. With more than 60 years of combined experience with art sourcing, we have the relationships and the skill to find artwork you’ll love.

Here you’ll see a sampling of work available by some of our featured artists. Most of these pieces are currently available for purchase. If you find you like a particular artist’s style and would like to see more of his or her work, feel free to contact us.

Jon Wos     Jon Wos
A calm and flowing style is evident in Jon’s glass work.
Joseph Craig English     Joseph Craig English
He was introduced to silkscreen printmaking by his tenth grade art teacher and fell in love with the intense color and flat finish of the inks.
Jason Toney     Jason Toney
In addition to creating portraits, Jason also captures images for his own artistic expression.
Melody Wollangk     Melody Wollangk
An ability to uncover each subject’s true personality is what guides her natural portraiture.
Yvonne Cheng     Yvonne Cheng
Relaxed and often lounging figures create the feel of an “island” lifestyle.
Stephen Lyman     Stephen Lyman
An explorer who specialized in painting the most elusive moments in nature, Stephen was named one of the top artists in the country by U.S. Art magazine before his untimely death in 1996.
Doreen Urbaniak     Doreen Urbaniak
Her bronze sculptures are worked in the Representation style to capture moments in time that evoke the senses.
Tom Wollangk     Tom Wollangk
After sharing his attraction to the camera with his daughter, Melody, he stepped out of the darkroom and into the world of digital.
Elli Wollangk     Elli Wollangk
Whether she’s designing a custom note card or cutting an intricate pattern out of paper foil, her attention to detail is her driving force.
Cora Strand     Cora Strand
Cora is showing a real talent as a third generation photographer.

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